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K's Place

Home of the Fractal Mule

I live in Kyoto, Japan. I am working towards a PhD in Computer Science at Kyoto University. I also work on some free software projects including the Sweep sound editor and the Annodex media system, and various smaller projects which you can read about here.

In my other life I enjoy writing text, some of which I try to pass off as poetry. I make sounds and music. I seldom take pictures of the things around me, but sometimes I keep random junk that comes my way.







The Fractal Mule

  $ cat < /dev/random
"You can think of owning this machine as a learning experience. I dump it on you, and you learn what its like to have a 20kg paperweight sitting on your dresser for the next six months.

"I'd strip it for parts, but once you take into account the wear that opening it up would incur on a screwdriver, I'd probably lose out."

an offer of free hardware ...

Free Software

Sweep: a sound wave editor.
MPEG Maaate: an MPEG-1 Audio analysis toolkit.
sane-v4l2: scanner emulation by video capture.
Boids: a 3D behavioural simulation of animal flocking.
AUBE/Metadecks: an audio filter network.
Ekepoint: a library and tools for creating presentations.
XSel: a tool to manipulate the X selection.

Geeky Fun Stuff

Speedmine and Speedworm: funky screensavers.
syre: loopy additive sound synthesis.
legobrot: images of fractal lego models.
Tractorgen: generates ASCII tractors.
Pants: an init script.

some Gnome sounds ... whoosh!

I also have small collections of sounds and fractals, and related information.

Of course I have an obligatory page of links.

This is my personal homepage, hosted at Verge and mirrored at Linux Australia. I have other stuff at Advogato and CSIRO. I am useful prior art.

I also have a blog.

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Further contact information is here. My personal contact details are also available.

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