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Sweep is a sound wave editor. It is free software, and runs on Linux and similar systems. It loads most PCM file formats, like .wav, .au and .aiff, and you can apply LADSPA effects plugins to complex regions of sound.

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AUBE is a system for sound generation and processing. You can process audio on the fly by setting up arbitrary configurations of sound generators, sequencers and effects modules, through which sound is played, filtered, and recorded.

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Boids background image: Java is required to view boids in their natural environment.


Boids is a model of animal flocking behaviour invented by Craig Reynolds. I wrote versions in Java and C, and also some notes about how to implement your own boids simulation with a few optional tweaks.

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Bewdy, Maaate!

MPEG Maaate is a C++ toolkit to parse and analyse audio data in the compressed domain by analysing MPEG-1/2 Layers 1-3 audio files. It exposes the fields of an MPEG audio stream and provides content analysis functions.

Bewdy is a Gnome application for performing and visualising analysis with MPEG Maaate.

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sane-v4l2 is a SANE (scanner) backend using the Video for Linux Two video capture interface. It allows you to use video capture devices (such as cameras) in any program that has scanner support, so for example you can take photos directly into the Gimp.

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Ekepoint and ekemagic

Ekepoint is a C library for writing presentation software or actual presentations. It uses Evas to do its rendering, so it supports hardware accelerated graphics cards, truetype fonts and alpha blending.

Ekemagic is a magicpoint-compatible presentation tool.

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XSel is a command-line program for getting and setting the copy selection in the X Window System, and manipulating it in strange ways.

More info | Download | ICCCM Rant

To read a file into the X selection:
$ xsel < file

To write the X selection to a file:
$ xsel > file

Fun Stuff


Down the speedmine, you'll find speed
to satisfy your moving needs;
So if you're looking for a blast
then hit the speedmine, really fast.

Speedworm loves you.

Speedworm likes to bump and grind
and chase her tail, and dance around
she really is a funky friend;
she's made of speed from end to end.


"an interactive addictive cacophony of sub-harmonic mental distortion and implicit rhythms. The resulting chaos ... is filtered through classic envelope generation for aural injection directly into the users brain."

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TRACTORGEN generates ASCII tractors using the universal tractor coefficient (TC). The intended audience is practical ASCII tractor theorists and lay people interested in abstract tractor theory.

Refer here, or to your psychiatrist, if that means you.


Legobrot creates three dimensional models of fractals based on the mandelbrot set. The output is created in postscript format, and you can watch the construction on-screen with postscript viewers like GNU ghostscript.

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[init.d]# ./pants start
Putting on pants                       [  OK  ]
[init.d]# ./pants restart
Time for a change of pants.
Taking off pants                       [  OK  ]
Putting on pants                       [  OK  ]
[init.d]# ./pants status
Pants are ON ...

Make sure you're wearing pants when you go multiuser.

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