Jul 1 1996

Conrad Parker

Legobrot 3D Lego Fractals

Legobrot creates three dimensional models of fractals based on the mandelbrot set. The output is created in postscript format, which can be viewed on-screen with postscript viewers such as GNU's ghostscript.

The postscript code for rendering the lego pieces is LegoPS by Stefan Gustavson of the Image Processing Group, Linkoping Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Legobrot creates a file containing LegoPS commands to build the fractal model. When appended to the lego.ps file, the output is a standalone postscript file.

An interesting feature of the LegoPS system is that, when viewed on-screen in say ghostview, you can see the model being built up piece by piece. To see this, you can download the original postscript version of the above image:


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