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Title:    SYRE (Blink before you die remix)
Artist:   K 
Duration: Forever
Release:  Tue 30 Sep 1997
Location: http://www.vergenet.net/~conrad/syre/syre-blink.tgz
License:  GNU GPL


K presents the world premiere of SYRE, an interactive addictive
cacophony of sub-harmonic mental distortion and implicit rhythms.
SYRE blends the deep analog sounds of additive synthesis with
the persistent melodies of 303-style sequencing. The resulting
chaos of rhythm and harmony is filtered through classic envelope
generation for aural injection directly into the users brain.


With adequate misappropriation of the keyboard, the user has
simultaneous control of sixteen harmonics, portamento, envelope,
tempo, panning and volume, as well as chaotic dispersion of the
melody. However, the "Blink before you die" remix comes with no
instructions, no manual, and no users guide. The system provides
immediate aural feedback but all visual cueing has been removed.

The "Blink before you die" remix of SYRE echoes the mental
underpinnings of /bin/vi: The interface is inside your mind.


For safety reasons, SYRE is packaged in a standard tarball. 


If the package you receive is damaged, please dispose of it promptly
with a strong software remover such as "/bin/rm -f". Replace with a
new package from an authorised dealer.

It is however safe to share SYRE with friends, and to supply others
with SYRE under the terms of the GNU Public License as outlined in
the document "COPYING" which accompanies all legal distributions of
SYRE. SYRE comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. The manufacturer takes
no responsibility for damages to computing machinery or mental health
related to the use of the product. Please administer SYRE in small
doses, especially in the company of others; SYRE is not to be used
for punishment or torture.

Standard equipment is required to administer SYRE. An audio processing
unit consisting of a Linux based controller with /dev/dsp compatability
is fundamental to the safe operation of SYRE. Please ensure that all
equipment used is clean and safe from outside contamination. As always,
keep kernel and libraries up to date and DOS partitions formatted.


About the artist:
  _  __
 | |/ /   K (aka Conrad Parker when sober) is an Australian linux developer
 | ' < _  and keeper of the Fractal Mule. When not developing maube or
 |_|\_(_) feeding his boids, he churns out annoying X programs like syre.