Mon Nov 1 05:28:24 EST 1999

I vi, aye aye;
Aye aye, I vi.

A Still Life.

Photography by Billy Bob.
Construction by K.
Lighting by Dan.

This has been a Keg Lab production.

Mon Nov 1 1999 07:38:58 EST Update: by Andrew (aka Billy Bob):

 .... it was only afterwards we realised this was the elusive roman 7

anyone who pedants on this issue gets a large smack to the cranial area.
with a staplegun

Wed Nov 3 21:31:38 EST 1999 Ramblings: by K.:
I bought some red ikon earlier in the night. It was good -- it contains:
co-enzyme Q10, guarana, ginkgo biloba, vitamins a,c & e, ginseng and
taurine (yes, I happen to have another couple of cans in front of me right
now :)

So later (around midnight I guess) when we went back to the store for more
supplies, I got another can of red and the blue one too. The blue one
said it was "berry" flavoured, so I thought that might be a nice change.

We got back to the lab and I opened up the blue can. Just then I noticed
that whereas the red cans said "energize" all over them, the blue can
said "harmonize". Whereas the red can was an upper, the blue was a downer,
and contained lots of crap like chamomile and sedatives. Ok, it was nice
and that stuff certainly has its place, but that place isn't at the start
of an all-nighter!

My speech slowed a bit for the next half hour or so, and I took the
opportunity to work on the conclusion to an essay I was writing about
computing and biology. Luckily I was even headed enough to take out the
bits I'd written earlier about the relative and contained realities that
would be experienced by artificial life forms (in silico, baby).

Anyway, some time afterwards I started on the next red can, which was of
course enough to keep me going well through the night. The stuff rocks,
and when combined with Dan's can of V we got a nice set of light primaries
that happened to spell vi.

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