Kbert's Gallery

Most images taken with sane-v4l2.

Mon Nov 1 1999: iviii

A still life, by Billy Bob, K and Dan.

Wed Nov 3 1999: Harriet

Today I met a gnu called Harriet ...

Mon Dec 6 1999: Horms visits the Jungle Lab

Thu Dec 9 1999: Harriet finds a friend

Tue Feb 8 2000: Invasion of the happyplant; Harriet gets a new toy.

Terrifying scenes in the Jungle Lab today as a happyplant dragged itself in, triffid-style, and started tapping out some mind-bending funk.

Mon Mar 13 2000: Raster visits the Jungle Lab (and gets oily)

Raster decided it was his turn to come and do some pondering. Some trancy music found itself playing, and the Rasterman found himself toying with Gimp filters. If only it was that easy to modify oneself in real life; Raster looks distinguished, handily belieing the fact that a couple of pints of Coopers Sparkling went into this shot.

Raster: all I have to say is "Oath".

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