We are glad that you have visited St James and hope that you will come again. You will find that there are many people attending our church – old and young, families, single parents and people living on their own.  We also represent different backgrounds and interests, as well as different levels of faith, from people who have been Christians for a long time, to those who are not sure what they believe.  Some have been churchgoers all their lives, while others have only just started to attend. 


“Reaching and teaching people to be disciples of Jesus Christ.”


This is the mission statement of St James’, which expresses our central aim.  You will find that this lies at the heart of everything we do here.


St James aims to meet the needs of those who attend by:


Meeting each Sunday to strengthen our trust in God through clear and relevant Bible teaching,

and prayers for one another and the world at large.


Investigating Christianity through an informal four- week course called “Christianity Explained”.


Meeting through the week in small groups, some  for men and women, others for women or men only, to study the Bible and discuss how it might shape our lives.


Enjoying each other’s friendship and support, over a barbecue, coffee or dinner.