Two poems called 'Erogenous'

Thu Feb 27 1997

Erogenous II

I mean no harm with my third right arm I'm just so *touched* with your sweet charm.

-----BEGIN SEED----- You didn't need to know this, but here goes: the reference to the "third right arm" involves octopus. The male octopus has no dick, but rather uses his third right arm to tranfer a spermatophore from within himself to within his mate. -----END SEED-----


Dig a hole in Melbourne Climb into your car Drive into your own abyss You've created it thus far. Accelerate with no regard With disrespect for law Elongate with gravity Emancipate with gore. O, I see your evil ways Your kind regards, Your NICE attire - O, how I crumble in your haze And throw my cards Into your fire. Denizens of death Will one day squirmish in your squalour Candles will enmesh To flame the furnace that you follow with an AXE a child a vice to bring to squeeze into MY loins A one-time citizen of evil Who now purges as I'm toying with her heart, her fears Her teeth her claws her wings and eyes of flame That sometimes cornice to watch evil Sometimes seal into my name. "Caress the eyes of death" said T.V. Breath Fiddling with his buttons Watching the commotion as he motioned with his mutton. Bird songs squeak and badgers croak But one day we will boldly soak our necks in it.


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