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My new Logitech Cyberman 2

ok, maybe its just a joystick, maybe not. I bought this at nearly half price because no-one wants it for games. I told guy in the shop I wanted to take it off his hands (it's been sitting on the shelf on sale for months) and he said "what, that wierd thing?" and I said "yep". Then he asked, a little concernedly, "do you know how to use it?".

It has 3 axes of movement on the puck-like spaceball thing (x,y,z=twist), plus some nicely ergonomic buttons. It plugs into a normal joystick port and is fully supported by the Linux joystick driver. Should be fun ...

Update: it actually has 6 axes of movement (twisting and translation in each of x, y and z) and 32 bits of sensitivity in each axis. It's quite sensitive, and yes, it's fun :) I wrote a joystick input module for aube on the night I got the cyberman, and quite happily had way too much control of multiple soft-synths simultaneously. I've since recovered, perhaps.

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