Fri Mar 26 1999


A stage play in seven parts. by Tim. --- Part I. (The first part). (singing) Tim says "nym" to nym nym flim and even then he makes us flim. --- That concludes the first part. Part II. (The second part) Terrence: Tim's a bastard, and I won't hear any more of it Patricia: Oh, I like Tim, he's a bastard. --- Part III. (Timothy and the hand grenade) Timothy: Nym! I have a new hand grenade! Patricia: Show us your stuff, you bastard. Timothy: Hooray! --- Part IV. Disaster. <sfx> BOOOOOM --- Part V. The Reconciliation. Terrence: You blew off my arm! Timothy: Hooray! Patricia: Let's shag now Timothy. --- Part VI. Grief Patricia: Flim! Terrence: I can't feel my legs any more! Patricia: Fuck that! Who's up for a game of craps? Terrence: But we have no dice! Timothy: No matter! --- Part VII. The Larch. Hubris: Never doubt a stupid story Terrence: Unless you get a shag out of it and still come out tops. Patricia: Oath. --- That concludes the lesson. Audio tapes may be ordered from


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