Tue Jan 25 2000


[To the tune of any annoyingly shit
generic slow rap / "r&b" song]

My joints are sore
(yo) I know the score;
I'm hardcore --
Me an' me elbows.

I got me a femur
an annoying demeanour;
I seen her --
she's got elbows.

If I had no hands
(yo) I'd make no demands
I'm a MAN! --
all I need is elbows.

(yo yo yo) Keep your knees, please
(hey!) I know what I need
(yo yo) your joints, they are superfluous
all they do is laugh at us
you should teach them manners
if you're gonna take them on a bus.

Knees, toes, ankles, wrists
PELVIS, fingers in a fist
we don't need 'em, chop 'em off
we got elbows, that's enough.

E - L - B - O - W - S
That's the joints that we like best!

not-K. -> Knee lovers unite in outrage

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