Mon Mar 9 1998


Yesterday morning I woke up with a bleeding nose. The hilarity that followed spurned me to design a new movie, following the success of Raping Campus.

It's a short film entitled "Bloodhead". It's about a guy who wakes up with a bleeding nose. He stands coldly in a clinically white bathroom, leaning over a steel sink. He ebbs the flow of blood from his bleeding left nostril with a tissue. All is well for a moment.

Blood begins to trickle from his right nostril. He puts a tissue to that. Slowly both tissues grow slightly redder, but there is no concern in his eyes as he casually reaches for more tissues. All is well.

Blood begins to trickle from his ears, first one, then the other. A look of confused concern washes over his face. He contorts himself with more tissues as the flow increases. His mouth begins to well with blood; he hacks and coughs, blood blasting against the mirror and splattering on the sink as he loses control.

He reaches for large wads of paper towelling. There is not much he can do now as he stumbles through the room, screaming through blood ridden lips, gasping, gurgling for air and squinting painfully through eyes welling in crimson droplets. There is no end to the bleeding. There is no end to the bleeding.

Anyway, I'm not sure where to take it from there. As I said, it's a short film; not sure if it involves corks.


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