Tue Aug 24 1999

Mistaken Furniture

I sat on a glum rocking chair in front of the telly
with a tinny and some chips and my feet up;
and I waited for the door to move cos then I would know that
it'd be time for dinner, and I'd get up.

Then I sat at the bad table that's just by the kitchen
and scratched off old stains with my knife blade
while waiting for food to come cos then I would know that
I might stop feeling like shit for a change.

I shift in the seat, it's so fucking uncomfy
the vinyl just sticks to my bum.
Can't wait till I'm finished, cos then I won't have to
talk to this bitch, cos she's so fucking dumb.

I love you, come fuck me, just after the footy,
the Eagles were up by six points at half time.
And now I'm just waiting, while eating my dinner,
for the newsbreak to finish to finish my game.

The carpet is spinning, I don't think it likes me
the telly's fucked up and I can't see my hand
I've got reassurance, don't know where to place it,
darkness is nice but its so fucking bland.

Lying in sirens, dumb moving seat's sticky
cars moving by but they're moving too fast
No time for seeing, who are you? what's with you?
wheel me away get your hand off my arse.

Lovely bed poisoned so weary and funny its
hard to believe but I like it this way
Dinner wan't so bad, your eyes look so pretty
'scuse me, might sleep for a day.

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