Tue Feb 25 1997


In Molden-Door there is a law
That door knobs shall be clean
And penalties are harsh
For those whose door frames are not green.

In Window-Glass there is a farce,
A rule that all must smile
And never leave the window box
Not ev'n if spurting bile.

In Kitchen-Sink I hear it stinks
Though its people never gripe
For proudly they uphold their right
To never unblock the kitchen pipe.

In Custard-Fridge it's ridgy-didge
To eat custard till you seizure
But woe betide those who fail
To hurl the remnants at the freezer.

In Headworm-Bowl there is a toll
For citizens who think
Or entertain loose lucid thoughts
With ears that are not wriggling pink.

In Varnish-Gums (don't tell your chums)
But it may cost your life
For dull and squidgy mouth-insides
(You'd best remove them with a knife!)

In Lemur-Groin I hear they're toyin'
With making it allowed
To dye the hair of small primates
That make your codpiece proud.

In Spam-Filled-Jocks they'll fill your socks
With concrete if you fail
To fill your pants with processed ham -
You'll wish they had a gaol.

A Congress once was formed to try
To unite these slimy places
But the diplomats who travelled
Couldn't re-unite their faces.

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